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The use of mobiles is making security an ever greater issue

By Scott Ritchie, director of Connect Telecom

Mobile working is becoming more and more popular, as well as productive for the modern workplace.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to rise and with 95% of workers now reporting the use of at least one self-purchased device for work, it is imperative that businesses consider their mobile security.

Physical security is where security provision should start. The easiest way to get organisational data is to get hold of the device itself, with more than 80 million phones lost, stolen or damaged each year.

That's about two phones every second - very worrying for companies whose employees use mobile devices from which organisational data can be accessed.

With 13% of large businesses experiencing 50 or more security incidents in the last year, local businesses acknowledge the reality of the threat to data as employees remotely log into the business CRM system or email platform, more likely than not, from unsecure devices.

Our 24/7 need for connectivity, data and increased mobility when working is only going to intensify in years to come and technology is having to adapt accordingly. This is happening very quickly, while organisations are still in a period of learning how to best use mobile devices for business.

The chilling thought of how easily these devices could fall into the wrong hands can cause fewer sleepless nights by investing in remote monitoring technology.

This allows companies to update software from a central location and most importantly, lock or even wipe devices if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Uptake for these security services which protect mobile devices is surprisingly slow, despite it costing as little as £1.25 per device - a relatively small investment considering the potential severity of mobile security threats.

Employees also have a role to play in the security story and should be happy to cooperate, ensuring mobile devices are used safely and in a manner which protects sensitive data.

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, Connect Telecom has access to a wealth of training and knowledge to assist with the ever changing mobile and digital security landscapes.

This ensures our clients are aware of the threats new technology poses, and are best placed to ensure the protection of their data so they can benefit from the technology worry-free.

Connect Telecom is Northern Ireland's only Vodafone Total Communications Partner and a leading provider of business to business telecoms and IT in Northern Ireland, the Republic, Scotland and north of England.

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