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Young quit Facebook to avoid their parents, says report

By Josie Clarke

More and more young people are deserting Facebook in order to avoid their parents online, a report has claimed.

A third of younger people are turning away from traditional forms of social media such as Facebook because their parents are now using it, according to the Halifax Digital Home Index.

The study found 32% of 16 to 34-year-olds have deleted their own Facebook account and 33% have deleted or blocked a family member.

Of those aged 55 and over, more than half (59%) have a Facebook account, with 23% signing up in the last three years, a third (32%) use Skype and 17% have WhatsApp.

But one in 10 (11%) younger people admit to deliberately using social media channels where they cannot be found by their family, such as Twitter (53%), Instagram (42%) and Snapchat (39%).

Lord Jim Knight, chairman of the Tinder Foundation, which raises awareness about digital exclusion, said: "The research highlights how technology is improving family contact, as well as disrupting it."

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