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BA 'worst airline for baggage woes'

UK passengers flying with major carriers have the biggest baggage problems when travelling with British Airways, according to a survey.

One in 3.8 BA passengers has had lost, delayed or damaged luggage in the last five years, the survey by insurance company LV= revealed.

BA said the figures were "complete rubbish" and that there was no evidence to suggest that a quarter of its passengers had had luggage problems over the last five years. And it pointed out that its baggage performance had "dramatically" improved since its fifth Heathrow terminal opened in 2008.

The online survey involved 2,007 UK adults who had taken a domestic or international flight in the past 12 months.

Second worst-hit travellers were those on Virgin Atlantic flights, with one in 8.3 having luggage problems. Third was Dubai-based carrier Emirates (one in nine passengers affected), fourth was easyJet (one in 11.1) and fifth was Ryanair (one in 12.5).

The survey also showed that, overall, 29% of passengers had endured lost, damaged or delayed luggage after checking in during the last five years.

Only a quarter of those whose luggage was damaged received compensation from the airline, and those who were compensated received an average of just £72 for their damage.

The survey also showed that 30% of travellers waited three months or more to be compensated for their damaged luggage. A total of 38% had to wait for between one week and a month, while just 20% were compensated for the damage within a week. When it comes to lost luggage, only 27% were reunited with their bags within 24 hours.

A British Airways spokesman said: "The claims made in the LV press release are complete rubbish. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a quarter of BA passengers have experienced lost or delayed baggage over the last five years.

"The AEA figures show that our baggage performance has improved dramatically since the opening of (Heathrow) Terminal 5 (in March 2008). LV's own press release points out that BA delayed on average 15 in every 1,000 items (or 1.5%) of luggage in the 2008/09 season. That figure has reduced even further in recent months."


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