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Sunday 19 April 2015

Join the Belfast Telegraph's Comment Forum

The Belfast Telegraph's website has introduced user registration for comments - enabling registered users to post directly to articles.

We believe the introduction of real-time discussions will enhance our audience's online experience and allow many more people to contribute to the debates. .

You can open an account by using the " Sign Up " link at the foot of all articles that are open for comment and following the instructions.

Comments can also be posted on Belfast Telegraph stories using Facebook Connect, Twitter and OpenID accounts.

The Belfast Telegraph will monitor the content of direct-to-web discussions and remove comments that break the house rules .

Users of the site can still complain about any comment they see by using the "Report" button on each comment.

Please note that you will no longer be able to comment on articles which used the old comment functionality - although all historic comments will still be visible.

The Comment Forum will also allow our users to see who they're debating with and enjoy the benefits of:

Commenter Profiles: Giving readers' voices an identity!

Reputation Scores: Get a quick overview of a commenter's history.

Comment Voting: Bring the best comments to the front.

Comment History: Keep track of all of your comments.

Go here to sign up now

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