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Video: Celebrity close-up - Penelope Cruz

You're watching 'Celebrity Closeups', bringing you the whole story and more on the lives of your favorite stars. She's a 39 year old Spanish Oscar winner with a beautiful smile. We're talking about Penelope Cruz! While some famous Hollywood actresses inherit their star status wen they're born, Penelope needed to work her way up. Starting off in a normal family with her dad being a retailer and her mother a hairdresser, the only thing Penelope could do was find her own way. In her younger years, she focused on studying classical ballet. At the age of 15 she out-danced over 300 other girls in an audition, leading to multiple roles in Spanish TV shows and music videos. Which in the end, was the beginning of something big. Cruz has always had a love for singing, but was mostly too scared to step out of the box and do it. Through the years though, she did find a method, and raised her game. Credit: Cover Media


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