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Video: Love Life Lowdown - Michael Douglas

Welcome to 'Love Life Lowdown', where we get to grips with the ladies who've romanced Michael Douglas. Douglas has always had a bit of a thing for younger women. In 1977 aged 33 years old, he married 19 year old Diandra Luker, who bore him a son Cameron. The couple battled through stormy arguments and Michael's reported alcoholism before finally divorcing in 2000. The deal apparently saw her receive a settlement of forty five million Dollars. Another alleged reason for the split was that Douglas had begun seeing Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones, a lady who shared his birthday but was twenty five years younger. Michael and Catherine married on the 18th of November 2000 and have two kids together, Dylan and Carys. According to Jones, Michael told her he wanted to father her children during their first meeting. Having been married for thirteen years, in August 2013 it was revealed they'd decided to spend some time apart after an incredibly stressful period that saw Michael beat throat cancer and Catherine receive treatment for Bipolar II disorder. But with the world's media talking about divorce, Douglas claimed they'd both be doing everything they could to save their marriage. Credit: Cover Media


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