Claire Danes 'constantly questions career'

Actress Claire Danes

Claire Danes often ponders whether she should start a new career as a psychologist or graphic designer.

The actress received the best actress in a mini-series or TV movie Golden Globe Award for her performance in Temple Grandin at yesterday’s ceremony. Despite her success, the 31-year-old constantly worries her career will end abruptly. She has been in the business for around 17 years, and can’t believe she’s achieved such longevity. For that reason, Claire often ponders what she would do if she stopped winning roles.

“I always think that I am never going to get another job,” she explained. “Maybe a psychologist or a graphic designer. I don’t know, hopefully I will never have to find out. I took a graphic design class in college and I really liked it. That is why I say that.”

Although she has been successful, Claire still has regrets. She wishes she had paid more attention to her education, and finished her time at college. It’s something which haunts her, and would be top of her list of things to change if she had her time again.

“Go to college, actually. I didn’t finish,” she explained, when asked about her regrets. “I only went for two years but those two years were really good for me to just step away for a little bit and grow up without the prying eyes of the public and all the judgment that accompanies it. So that was good.”

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