Kylie Minogue has outfit down to a tee

Kylie Minogue says her boyfriend likes her to dress up in golf gear

Kylie Minogue has revealed the outfit her boyfriend loves her to wear most - golf gear and no make-up.

The star - who has adopted a series of sexy looks over the years, including tight gold hot pants - said Spanish model Andres Valencoso loves the simple look, mainly because a game of golf is on the cards.

In an interview with Hello! magazine she also told how she has given up Botox injections and is going for the natural look.

Minogue, 42, said: "I stopped using it a while ago. I have lines on my face now, and that's okay."

She also ruled out cosmetic surgery: "You're not yourself if you do that."

Speaking of her love for Valencoso, Minogue said: "He makes me laugh because he's not afraid to make a fool of himself. On top of everything else, we are really good mates.

"We have so many things in common from loving to dance around the house together, to going out to fancy places to eat. We both love a bit of luxury, but are just as happy to muck about."

Minogue, who releases new album Aphrodite next month, told how he likes to see her dressed down.

"He loves me most of all with no make-up on, wearing my golfing jumper and jeans. It's his favourite look, because he knows he's getting something out of it - a game of golf."

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