Wozniacki speaks out about love match with Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlory’s new sportstar girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki has spoken publicly for the first time about the pair’s blossoming relationship.

Danish tennis star Wozniacki said that when the two go out for a meal 22-year-old US Open winner Rory is the one who picks up the tab.

Wozniacki was asked who did the buying whenever the pair hit the town, during an interview on ESPN, and the 21-year-old tennis player, who was named as the second highest paid female athlete this year, said “well... he is”.

Caroline Wozniacki said they had also exchanged tips on both golf and tennis.

“I’ve given him a few tips — his forehand is pretty good, his backhand needs some improvement. I’m sure I can help him with that if he can help me with the swing, because my swing is terrible,” she said.

When asked who would win at each other's respective sports she said: “After seeing him play I would not lose to him at tennis. After knowing how I play golf I would definitely not win against him.”

She added that the pair would have to “play another game” to see who was better.

The pair fuelled rumours of their relationship with flirtatious tweets on social media website Twitter. Wozniacki had asked McIlroy how his tennis game was going, to which the young Holywood golfer replied: “It needs a lot of work. Do you know anyone that could help me!?;)”

Ms Wozniacki replied: “I might know someone;) I've seen the forehand it’s good; the backhand needs some help though;) haha.”

It is believed the pair first met at the World Heavyweight title boxing match between David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on July 2.

The following day Wozniacki wrote on her Twitter account: “Fantastic fight! Also met Rory McIlory, who was sitting just behind me:) Really down-to-earth great guy:)”

It is understood that they also spent five days together in the south of France a fortnight ago.

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