Runher training plan

Too many people have been turned off running for one simple reason- They attempt too much too soon.

We have all heard the saying “you must learn to walk before you run” and no where is this more applicable than when attempting a running programme. This idea is heavily reflected in the following training programme that targets the absolute beginner to running.

Before we begin, I have a few simple statements of advice that I implore you to follow in this training programme.

  • Read through the schedule however refuse the temptation to jump to week three or four. The reasoning being the first few weeks of the schedule will reflect an adaptation phase. This phase is important as it will help you develop technique and adapt to the stress of regular exercise for 30 minutes at a time
  • If you really find the first few weeks to easy then increase the running time to 90 seconds, however please do not go any more than this. Going all out, all the time can result only in a negative result.
  • Always remember your warm-up and cool down activities. These are essential for preparing the body for the stress it will under go and the cool down is essential in ensuring you recover adequately.
  • The most important piece of advice is ENJOY THE JOURNEY and GOOD LUCK.

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