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Get in line with Lidl this summer


With its charity school origins to modernised evolution, we explore ten facts about the school uniform...

1) The school uniform’s roots don’t originate in posh public schools but, rather, at charity educational establishments where the local parish footed the bill for uniforms? According to some historians, schools in London founded as far back as the 1500s took in poor children from the parish and educated them. London citizens provided the children with clothes - notably a long blue coat.

2) On average a child (between the ages of 6-12) will gain five to seven pounds per year and 2.5 inches averaging two different uniform sizes per school year!

3) Six weeks prior to school term is just about the right time to buy a uniform. It avoids growth spurts and allows you to buy exactly the right fit for that all-important first day.

4) The quantity of uniforms you buy all depends on your cost v laundry preferences. Many retailers recommend three shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, trousers/skirts, one PE kit and one pair of shoes and trainers.

5) On average a parent here spends £105 per year on school uniforms according to recent research from the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People. At Lidl you can kit your child out for just £5*. With a full uniform combo (*two polo shirts, a sweatshirt, trousers or skirt) costing just £5, and leather shoes from £6.99 Lidl really is kitting out your Lidl Genus for less.

6) The five most common stains on a school uniform are muck, marker pen, paint, grass and food.

7) A school shirt will be worn up to 80 times in a school year. And washed about as many times too!

8) According to research from a UK Government report exclusive school uniform outlets were more expensive when compared with prices charged in supermarkets: a 150 per cent difference overall (108 per cent primary school items and 173 per cent secondary school items).

9) Did you know that some of Lidl’s school uniform separates have Bionic Finish treatments that boast water repellent features. What’s more, its trousers, sweatshirts, joggers and shirts are tumble-dryer friendly.

10) According to many reports school uniforms increase academic achievement. One news source reported that GCSE passes at Fulham Cross School in West London rose from 42 per cent to 53 per cent after a uniform was introduced.

Kitting your Lidl genius for less

Lidl has done the maths when it comes to packaging the smartest uniforms with its cheapest uniform costing a fraction of the NI average of £105!

1) The Clever Collection

For just £5.00 at Lidl you can wrap up one uniform (two polo shirts, one skirt/trousers and one sweatshirt). And prices remain the same no matter the size!

2) Sharp shoes

Genuine leather, Lidl’s school shoes cost just £6.99 with no price variants the larger the size.

3) Savvy Shirts

Lidl’s short-sleeved collared shirts cost £2.49 per pack of two and are ‘easy iron’ and tumble-dryer friendly.

4) Smartie Pants

Did you know at Lidl you can take PE up a gear for under £7? With joggers at £2.99, Tees at £1.99 and plimsolls for just £1.99 playing hard just got cheaper.

5) Savvy Summer Dresses

For the warmer temps Lidl has a selection of summer dresses costing just £2.49.

6) Lidl Accessories

From vests to tights, knee high socks and under garments, Lidl’s term-time accessory collection comes in from £1.99 for up to a set of five.

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