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Is the future of healthcare online?


There are some people who still maintain a negative view of online clinics, even though such clinics have worked to help thousands of patients effectively treat various medical problems.

A lot of patients use these services to treat conditions they feel uncomfortable raising with their local doctor, such as erectile dysfunction, STIs and premature ejaculation. Many female patients prefer to obtain contraception online too.

Avoiding a face-to-face appointment with your doctor and getting treatments delivered to your door the next day is a far better alternative for these people, even more so if they live busy lifestyles.

For patients to make sure they are using a trusted service, it’s just a matter of knowing how to find genuine registered online clinics that dispense prescription medication. If an online clinic’s service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, you know you’re in safe hands.  

One such clinic that ticks all these boxes is 121doc, an online healthcare provider that has been operating since 2004. They provide a premium service and deliver prescription treatments directly to your door with doctor-patient confidentiality upheld at all times.


Why should I trust 121doc?

For an online clinic to sell prescription treatment, it has to comply with a wide range of UK and Europeans Laws governing the selling of prescription treatments. Not only does 121doc abide by all these laws, but also their team of doctors are UK registered and the General Pharmaceutical Council have accredited their pharmacy. Additionally, they have excellent Trustpilot reviews from a large number of satisfied patients.


Will my order be packaged discreetly?

Clinics that operate online understand that many patients prefer to receive treatments in a discreet manner, which is why they do not reveal the contents or order details on the packaging. As well as doing this, 121doc deliver all their treatments in tamperproof boxes that will only state your name and address. (Start an online consultation now)


Free next day delivery

121doc uses the UPS and Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Service to patients with free next day delivery if you live in the UK. This service is what stands them apart from a lot of other online clinics. It’s important for patients to receive their medication as soon as possible, so they can effectively treat their condition before it may get worse.



How quick is the free online consultation?

As part of their service, 121doc offers a free online consultation service to all patients over the age 18. It will only take a few minutes to complete this short questionnaire and their team of doctors will use the information to determine whether a patient could benefit from one of the available treatments. If this is the case, they will issue a prescription for the medication. (for more information about the treatments available (click here)

When the patient begins an online consultation, it will include a list of general medical questions, some of which will be specific to the condition. If the patient’s answers are suitable for the medication they’ve chosen, one of the 121doc doctors can confirm suitability and approve the order.


What if patients want to speak to someone first?

Though 121doc has all the measures in place for patients to order safely online, some patients still prefer to complete their online consultation and order their treatment over the phone. To cater for this and any other related queries, 121doc has a dedicated in house UK customer service team. Their patient support network is open on weekday evenings until 9pm and on weekends too, meaning they can offer support before and after you’ve placed your order. For more info visit 121doc


It’s important to note 121doc will only prescribe treatments if they are suitable for the patient to take. The safety of patients is extremely important to them. By using a team of highly skilled staff and modern technology, 121doc has been able to offer a convenient service that is simple for everyone to use and understand.

If you have any further questions to ask about their service or how to order prescription treatments online, you can contact their Customer Services team on 020 7186 0728. Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 9.00pm & Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm. Alternatively, you can reach them via email on: