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Bid to unite old photo with relations of wedding party

The wedding photograph found discarded in a Belfast back alley by Larne man Jonathan Kelly
The wedding photograph found discarded in a Belfast back alley by Larne man Jonathan Kelly

By Stewart Robson

Can you help return this old family photograph to its rightful owner?

It was discovered by a Larne man in a Belfast alleyway. More than two decades since finding it, Jonathan Kelly believes that now is the time to try to link it with the descendents of the wedding party.

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Mr Kelly (47), who now lives in Sussex, found the photo in a cardboard box dumped between Agincourt Avenue and Harrow Street in the Holyland area in the 1990s. He believes that it might have come from a photographer's studio.

"I did some research online and found a little street guide to Belfast," said Mr Kelly.

"It took me to the premises where in 1933, I believe, it referred to a T. McKeown proprietor. Then after further research, I found that it was still there under the same name, Studio Cecil, in 1951.

"I do reckon, however, that the photo was taken in the late 1940s, perhaps even as early as the late 1930s."

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Mr Kelly said he made the discovery while walking with friends.

"I think maybe someone had recently died and a box was left in the alleyway with different things in it," he explained.

"I used to live on Harrow Street while I was studying and actually had the photo above my fireplace. There may have been another photo but someone could have taken it."

After moving to England Mr Kelly forgot about the photo until a year ago.

"This particular photo was posted over to me in a box of my belongings recently from Northern Ireland," he said.

"I pulled it out of the box and couldn't believe it."

He has now posted the photo on various social media groups to try and relocate it to relatives of the four people in the image, including the Facebook pages of North and West Belfast Historical Photographical Society and Ireland by the Roadside. He hopes now that the descendants of the wedding party can be found.

He added: "I thought that with the power of social media and the Press, surely we can find somebody who knows who they are."

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