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Here is one tome that proves the old ones really are the best ones

The late Bob Monkhouse once said: "I enjoy making love at 75. I live at 76 so it's no distance."

Malcom Muggeridge is quoted as saying: "One of the pleasures of old age is giving things up."

Another golden oldie is Denis Norden, who declared: "One of the advantages of being elderly is that you need only four hours sleep. You need it four times a day, but still."

I picked these gems out of a book called Wrinklies' Wit published by Marks & Spencer and made up of humorous quotes by and about the elderly.

Finally here's a thoughtful quote from Yoko Ono: "What do you think John Lennon would have been like at 64? He would have been just John - all that he was before. But I think talking about a person's age is ageism, like racism or sexism. It isolates attitudes."

According to Rosemary Jarski, who compiled the book, "old is the new young".

Whatever, Wrinklies' Wit is an ideal book for a browse.

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