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Historical Ulster: The 1922 riots in pictures

The year 1922 saw widespread violence in Northern Ireland with hundreds of people people killed and injured.

Key events of the year included:

7 January 1922 The Dáil voted by 64 votes to 57 to accept 'The Treaty'.

April 1922 Four Courts occupied by anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army.

7 April 1922 Special Powers Act was introduced in Northern Ireland.

June 1922 General election in Ireland won by those in favour of 'The Treaty'. Four Courts attacked by Free State Army.

Beginning of the Civil War in Ireland between those for and against 'The Treaty'.

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22 August 1922 Michael Collins killed. Death of Arthur Griffith.

November 1922 First of 77 executions, which ended in May 1923, carried out by the Free State.

6 December 1922 The Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann) came into being.

7 December 1922 The six counties of Northern Ireland opted out of the Free State.

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