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In my day: Diane Roberts of Cell Partners on the time of her life

Diane Roberts
Diane Roberts

Q: What was your decade? A: The 1970s. Has there been any better decade?

Q: What was life like?

A: Amidst the times we were living in, life was honest. Doors were never locked and we all looked out for each other. Family meant everything.

Q: What were you listening to?

A: David Essex (he was my older sister's heartthrob) and The Bay City Rollers dominated our lives for two years. Then, as if perfect timing, as I hit my teens, along came punk and changed us all. Can anyone forget the impact that local groups like The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers had on us here?

Q: And the style, what was that like?

A: Flares and duffle coats to start, then ending up with tight jeans and big hair, a la Toyah Willcox, that's a bit of a confession there!

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Q: What has changed?

A: Christmas didn't start in October.

Q: What was better back then?

A: With my rose-tinted glasses on, I think we were all so much more grateful for anything we had, as we had so little compared to today - especially at this special time of year.

Cell Partners is a business consultancy specialising in early stage entrepreneurial development, export market development and investment.

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