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In my day: We quiz Eamon McAuley on the time of his life


Eamon McAuley

Eamon McAuley

Eamon McAuley

Q What was your decade?

A The noughties. I passed my driving test, bought my first house, explored the world and lived in London and Liverpool. Most importantly of all, in 2006 I became a dad.

Q What was life like back in the noughties?

A It had its ups and downs. My background was hospitality but I didn't know if I wanted that long term as I wanted to be my own boss. I made great friends all over the world during my many holidays and loved living in Liverpool.

Q What were you listening to?

A I remember loving Beyoncé and Kylie. I also loved Michael Buble's version of Home, it's probably still one of my favourite songs today.

Q And the style, what was that like?

A I like to think that I was always trendy. I loved fashion and always had expensive tastes. In about 2003 I was snapped for the weekly fashion column by the Belfast Telegraph. I've always liked to be well dressed and in designer clothes - I blame my mum for spoiling me growing up.

Q What has changed since then?

A I wish I knew then what I know now. Life is one big roller-coaster ride, one unbelievable challenging journey, full of highs and lows. In my 20s I was simply enjoying the ride. I was involved in the hospitality sector, modelling and doing some TV work, but it never gave me the excitement and passion that I have now in my 30s.

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