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In my day: We quiz Michaela Chambers on the time of her life

Q. What was your decade?

A. The 80s was definitely my best decade.

Q. What was life like back then?

A. Growing up in Formby was fantastic. We would leave the house at 9am and come back when the street lights came on. Summers were spent at the outdoor swimming pool in Southport. In those days our parents didn't worry until the lights came on.

Q. What were you listening to?

A. Duran Duran, The Jam, The Nolans and much, much more, but life has changed so much since then. We used to tape music from the radio onto cassettes!

Q. And the style, what was that like?

A. The fashions were ra-ra and puffball skirts. Blue eye shadow and red lipstick with stiletto heels.

Q. What has changed since then?

A. If we stayed in we couldn't contact friends as there was no Facebook, social media or mobile phones - we had to meet face to face.

Q. What was better back then?

A. We were always out and thought nothing of walking a couple of miles to meet our friends. There were only three television channels!

Michaela is a manager at Funeral Services Northern Ireland which is currently searching for its poet of the year for 2015. For info go to

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