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In my day: We quiz Paul Fletcher on the time of his life

Q. What was your decade?

A. Things really took off for me in the 1980s. I had just joined the security industry at a time when it was becoming a practical proposition for commercial and retail customers to install what were very large cameras. This was also the beginning of home computing so a lot could be learned about programming that helped me with electronic security system design as most early systems had to be custom built in-house.

Q. What was life like?

A. Quite manic, as in addition to my job I'd signed up to an Open University degree, so that meant trying not to wake the children with my noisy dot-matrix printer and regular late night drives to deliver assignments before their deadlines.

Q. What were you listening to?

A. Local pub bands and anything loud; pretty much as now really, but it was a lot cheaper then to see the big names.

Q. And the style?

A. Being a "techie" I didn't do style, and certainly wouldn't want to be reminded.

Q. What has changed?

A. The internet has been the biggest change. I used to have a very slow pre World Wide Web Prestel connection that gave limited access to a few computers. Now there is instant access to a wealth of information.

  • Paul Fletcher is technical director with independent security company Mercury Security Management.

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