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In my day: We quiz Pete Snodden on the time of his life

Q: What was your decade?

A: It's difficult to choose between the Nineties and the Noughties, but I'm going for the Noughties. In the year 2000 it all started for me when I got a guest slot Djing on the radio after I'd been playing clubs everywhere. I also got married in 2007.

Q: What was life like?

A: At the beginning of the decade I was still at university and living in Portstewart, having the best time. I spent half of my time in record shops and doing promotional work in order to fund my record collection.

Q: What were you listening too?

A: I loved dance music since the explosion of the superclubs in the mid-1990s. In terms of albums, I would have been listening to Fat Boy Slim, The Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx.

Q: And the style?

A: I had lots of different hairstyles from the quiff to really messy, spiky hair. At one stage I had blonde tips. I wore lots of jeans and T-shirts.

Q: What has changed?

A: Facebook and Twitter - everything in life is so accessible thanks to Google.

Q: What was better back then?

A: Being able to see my close friends much more often as life was less complicated. We're not able to arrange spur of the moment outings as we used to.

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