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Old school pictures: Zoe Salmon a dab hand at needlework

Former Miss Northern Ireland Zoe Salmon joins Darren Clarke, Eamonn Holmes, Liam Neeson, George Best and Christine Bleakley in our gallery of old-school, and pre-school, images

Zoe, 31, is a dab hand with the sticky-back plastic after her stint as a Blue Peter presenter and she says her amazing craft skills were honed at school in Bangor where she was a model pupil.

“I went to Kilmaine Primary School in Bangor and I was very well behaved. I was never asked to leave the classroom even for ten minutes. I was called ‘The Smiler' by the teachers who thought I was up to something. But I never was, I was just being polite. The first award I won was when I was 10, for handwriting. I got the 11-

Plus at Grade 1 and went to Glenlola Collegiate, the big grammar-school for girls in Bangor. I loved it. Maths and science were my weaknesses.

“I got a C once in my life – and the devastation of that! Then Mrs McCracken, our chemistry teacher, said that for the same piece of work I'd got an A for|effort: yes I got 10 GCSEs: three A*s, four As, three Bs, and a beautiful silver teapot for having the school's highest mark in home economics. My sewing was simply second to none. And I won a cake-decorating competition.”

We have dug out images from, Methodist College, Campbell College , Grovenor , Bangor Grammar , Dunlambert , St Augustine's , St Dominic's and Ballymena Academy .

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