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Video archive: Belfast Harbour 1954 footage of home time for workers - can you spot your grandad?

Belfast Harbour has been the epicentre of city's economy since it was founded in 1613.

Back in the 17th century the harbour brought in ships from across the world and wealth into the city. Today the area hosts a wide variety of ventures from construction to banking.

By the early 18th century more wharves had been constructed, but shallow waters prevented further economic blossoming until 1839 when work began on straightening the Lagan and creating deep channels to allow bigger ships to access the port.

During World War II the Port of Belfast was used by the Royal Navy as the home base for many of the ships that escorted Atlantic and Russian convoys, including Captain-class frigates of the 3rd Escort Group.

Belfast Harbour have released rare video footage from 1954  showing workers walking through the gates after a hard day’s labour full of smiles and laughter

The incredible footage from sixty years ago also shows workers at the docks finishing work and making their way to catch one of the passing buses or trams .

The videos, from Northern Ireland Screen, were released by Belfast Harbour on their YouTube page and takes viewers back to when the docks were thriving and the fashion was a little different.

Wearing flat caps and with some workers on bikes, the shaky camera work captures a regular part of every working day.

Do you recognise any of these faces from Belfast Harbour in 1954?

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