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The Way We Were: The headlines of November 25, 1969

By Eddie McIlwaine

A witness at the Scarman Tribunal in Londonderry said he saw police officers fire revolvers "like cowboys" at a crowd of 200 people in August...

It was announced Latin O-Level would no longer be a pre-requisite for entry to English honours at Queen's University Belfast... British Petroleum presented £10,000 (£150,000 today) to the New University for Ulster for a chemistry fellowship... Ernest Scott, district governor of Rotary in Ireland, said young people were facing the greatest temptations since the depravities of ancient Rome and that soft drugs were being openly sold among Belfast students... Prime Minister Major Chichester Clarke told Stormont the services of the Ulster Special Constabulary were to be formally recognised by the Government... On BBC1 Cilla Black and guests featured Des O'Connor, Peter Cook, and The Hollies... The Commons was told no prosecutions had been brought against members of the UVF under the Special Powers Act which declared the group an illegal organisation... Nationalist MP for Mourne James Reilly said his party would never again be persuaded to adopt the role in Stormont of Official Opposition... It was reported Dubliners faced a shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables because of an unofficial strike at the city's central market... Two drunk Belfast men and a youth were convicted of burglary and each given a three month prison sentence suspended for two years at Lisburn Magistrates Court for stealing a lady's jacket valued at five guineas (£80 today).

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