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Netflix-style online channel dedicated to Titanic launched

By Jonny Bell

It's had its own movie, an impressive £90million museum, countless documentaries, exhibitions, and now the Titanic has its very own Netflix-style online channel. is a video on demand service which allows subscribers to enter a world of all things Titanic.

Featuring world renowned experts and explorers, programmes will tell the story of the ill-fated liner from its Belfast birthplace through to launch and to that night it tragically sunk and beyond.

It will also feature all the latest news on Titanic as well as putting the latest conspiracy theories surrounding the ship and her sinking up to an historical microscope.

"This is all about the Titanic, from the era, to the ship builders and the passengers and crew and of course Belfast," said executive producer Don Baret.

"It's a real-life human drama. You had the richest people onboard, others looking for a new life and new opportunity in the world, an unsinkable ship. It's a story we can find ourselves in the centre of and for a story-teller it is the best story of all."

The channel’s archive grows daily with new and original shows through the week and features on the weekends.

Many of the world's leading historians will feature as well as those who worked on the iconic James Cameron film and that have dived the wreck site on many occasions.

And featuring regularly on the channel will be the Titanic's birthplace.

"It's only when you visit Belfast you feel the presence of the Titanic and her sister ships of the Olympic and Britannic. To stand on the slips where the ships once stood is just a phenomenal experience," continued Don.

"We have been working with Titanic Belfast, the Ulster Folk and Transport museum and the Titanic Belfast Society who have all been very open and welcoming to us and given us a real feeling of the heritage of the ships and the city's connection to it.

"The city has really embraced the Titanic and the role it played in its story - it is a big part of that story."

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Don and partner Gregory Hall have been developing the channel in 2015. The idea grew from a documentary Don worked on exploring the dogs that were on the Titanic.

"One thing led to another and I then worked on a documentary about the Titanic band called Band of Courage when I realised the wealth of material there is on the ship. The more I talked with Titanic historians all around the world, the more I realised there was so much of a story to tell.

"Harland and Wolff - even at that time - were good at marketing and there is plenty of material we can use.

"We always are reminded that Titanic is a grave site. People died on board and in all different types of circumstances. So we are keen to be sensitive to that.

"We will also report on the news of the Titanic - such as commemorations - and look at the conspiracy theories out there. But we are keen that everything we do is based in fact, so that there are documents, artifacts or material which will back up any theory."

The channel is available globally and offers a free 30-day trial before subscription kicks in.

"It really has something for everyone, be they a Titanic enthusiast or just a passing interest. There is a fantastic depth of programming and people will be able to find something that grabs them.

"There is a vast audience out there from Ireland to Asia. Four people on the Titanic were from China, one was from Japan. So it doesn't just cross culture boundaries, but geographical borders.

"And it's in a new environment. It's available where you are, be it on the bus to work, on the phone or on the tablet and not necessarily on the television. So it is opening up the Titanic story to a whole new generation," Don added.

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