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Revealed: 100 first impressions of Titanic Belfast

100 initial impressions of Belfast's newest and biggest tourist attraction.

1 Barbara Quigley, a retired geography teacher from Belfast, living in Edinburgh: “It's quite stunning and very original. I did not realise that the building is the symbol of the White Star Line.”

2 Anita Robinson (30), an administrator from Cavehill in Belfast: “You were imagining you would see the artifacts, but the visuals and everything made it so much more. There's so much to take in.”

3 Anita Harris (54), a GP receptionist from Cavehill in Belfast: “It's incredible, absolutely amazing. It just feels like it brings the Titanic to you.”

4 Kate Glackin, a retired occupational therapist from Four Winds in Belfast: “Very impressed, it's very interesting. All the videos and the information about the ropeworks and the tobacco works — they tell you about how the women (in Belfast) lived, going to

work at 6.30am and back at 6.30pm.”

5 Scott Jamison (30), a musician from Four Winds in Belfast: “We have been looking at the outside (of the building) for the last six months — I love it inside. I just love the interior and the roofing.”

6 Caroline Jamison (69), a retired civil servant from Sydney, Australia: “It’s wonderful. It’s commemorative and it’s a celebration.”

7 Alexander Jamison (70), a retired electrical officer from Belfast who worked at Harland & Wolff in the 1960s: “I think it’s marvelous. I can’t believe the change in this area compared to when I worked here. Coming here is bringing back all these memories.”

8 Juli Cuatriz (41), a nurse from the Phillipines: “It's very good. The surroundings look like a real part of a ship.”

9 Shevaun Cuatriz (8) from Belfast: “It's very detailed and it looks like the Titanic so much.”

10 Fiona McBride (50), a civil servant from Stormont in Belfast: “Tremendous. I did not expect it to be so vivid and in depth.”

11 Lorraine Calvert (43), a civil servant from Stormont in Belfast: “It really is a unique experience, whether you are from Belfast or Brazil.”

12 Ryan Shi (20), a student from south China: “It's very modern and impressive.”

13 Jim Barnes (54), a retired civil servant from Bangor: “It’s magnificent, really magnificent. It’s well worth the visit.”

14 Robert Craig (60), an electrician from Carrickfergus: “Brilliant. I like the view of it from the outside. From all (every part) of Belfast you can see it.”

15 Jean Pierre Carre from France, patisserie chef of Choux Choux in Bangor: “It’s beautiful. I love it.”

16 Moira Craig (56), a manager from Carrickfergus: “We think it's a beautiful building.”

17 Tanya Carmichael (44), from Lisburn, now living in Glasgow: “It’s lovely to come home to something positive like this. Glasgow is wall-to-wall Titanic at the minute — everyone is talking about this building.”

18 Valerie Brady (55), a retired civil servant from Stranmillis in Belfast: “I think it's fabulous. Belfast has a lot to be proud of. I think I'm amazed. I could come back and back.”

19 Cardell McIlroy (42), a civil servant from Lisburn: “This is something for our wee country to be proud of for a change.”

20 Lauren Kennedy (22), a student from Dundonald in east Belfast: “It’s like a modern take on the Titanic.”

21 Tina Kambour (55), a teacher from Oklahoma, USA: “It's fantastic. The building is beautiful.”

22 Zev Trachtenberg (57), a teacher at the University of Oklahoma: “I love it. I think it's fantastic.”

23 Maria Smith (40), a nurse from west Belfast: “It's spectacular. It's great for Belfast.”

24 Emma Reid (34), a housewife from Newtownards: “Beautiful, I'm really impressed. You feel like you were in the Titanic.”

25 Michele Thompson (49), a civil servant from Bangor: “I think the building is fantastic.”

26 Jenny Muir (55), a lecturer from east Belfast: “It was very good, but I was disappointed at not being able to see the staircase.”

27 Nick Rogers (65), an administrator from east Belfast: “There was a lot of useful information and interesting exhibits, and there was a great atmosphere.”

28 Lynsey Woods (22), a student from Sydenham in east Belfast: “I think it’s absolutely incredible. The scale of it’s amazing. I’m proud to have something like it in our country.”

29 Rosie Reid (10) from Newtownards: “The ride was really good. It went really high at parts.”

30 Liang Chen (23), a student from south China: “It’s very fashionable and beautiful. I like this style.”

31 Valerie Brown (72), a retired nursery assistant from Belfast: “I think it’s beautiful. We went to afternoon tea in the dining room upstairs and we saw the staircase. It’s great.”

32 Dorothy Holland (77), a retired merchandising worker from Belfast: “It’s gorgeous.”

33 Nelius de Roiste (47), a teacher from Fermoy, Cork: “It’s fabulous. The height of the building and the height of the Titanic originally... it’s very fitting.”

34 Jean Hamilton (85), retired from Newtownards: “I’m very impressed. But I did not think there were enough guiding people (staff) to guide you around. We found that hard.”

35 Harry Jamieson (71), a retired builder from Portstewart: “Excellent. It’s excellent, the whole thing.”

36 Harriet Hayhurst (22), a marketing executive from east Belfast: “I think it’s great for Belfast to (be able to) compete with other European cities. It’s such an innovative building.”

37 Tori Hayhurst (23), a student from Belmont in Belfast: “It’s absolutely fabulous. I think it will become the biggest thing in Belfast to bring people here. Everyone comes to the Giant’s Causeway. They will come here first now.”

38 Joseph Poxon (20), a student from Chorley near Manchester: “This is my first time in Belfast. We went to the sixth floor and you can see really nice views of the city. You could see the slipways where the Titanic was launched from and you can see the work going on there today — the old and the new.”

39 William Hayhurst (20), a student from east Belfast: “It’s very impressive. I like the way they have incorporated the Titanic theme throughout, from first-class down to third-class. It’s very well set out.”

40 Maryne Quioc (19), a student from Lyon in France: “It’s very interesting. I will be telling my friends at home about it, yes.”

41 Geraldine Gaw, a housewife from Warrenpoint: “It’s wonderful for the people of east Belfast that this is on their doorstep. It took us three hours to go around it (the building). There’s so much to it.”

42 Antoinette Murray (33), a nurse from Dundalk: “It’s very interesting. The bit where we were in the simulator was fantastic. It was so real.”

43 Sabrina Dolan (33), an office manager from Dundalk: “The whole thing is excellent — it’s something special. Driving on the way here we saw the building and it looks great.”

44 David Gaw (59), a GP from Belfast, now living in Warrenpoint: “A sense of pride, that’s the emotion — to be here when this country is just emerging. I think everybody in this part of the world should feel a sense of pride in this (building).”

45 Phares Patterson (80), a retired sheet metal worker from Finaghy in Belfast, who worked at Harland & Wolff: “I’m not a great believer in something that failed being celebrated. It’s the memory of the people who lost their lives I am thinking about today.”

46 Charlene McVicker (36), a customer account manager from Dunmurry in Belfast: “It’s fabulous — absolutely outstanding. The whole visuals they have are really impressive. The kids really got into it.”

47 Erinn McVicker (8) from Belfast: “We loved the ride. It’s really exciting.”

48 Sonia O’Hare (42), a university school manager from Banbridge: “It’s excellent. We will be coming back here for sure.”

49 Anne Levey, a retired teacher from Lisburn Road in Belfast: “I just thought it was class. I loved the way it took you up through the different levels of the ship. The variety and the depth means there’s plenty to engage you.”

50 Joe Levey (69), a retired teacher from Lisburn Road in Belfast: “I was very impressed, I must say. I think that the staff are very nice. They did everything they could for you.”

51 Caitlim Potts (21), a student from Ohio: “There was a lot of information and there is a lot to see. But we were not sure where to go sometimes. The organisation wasn’t great.”

52 Anna Topf (26), a student from Salzburg in Austria: “I thought it would be more interactive. There were very good parts, like the tour through the ship. But the presentation was not perfect.”

53 Mary O’Hart (45), a farmer from Newtownbutler in Co Fermanagh: “It’s great, the shows and everything.”

54 Conor O’Hart (47), a farmer from Newtownbutler in Co Fermanagh: “I think the staircase should be included, especially for people travelling.”

55 Oliver Brennan (70) from Andersonstown in Belfast: “Content very good. I was disappointed the staircase wasn’t open to the public.”

56 Paul Brennan (17) from Andersonstown, Belfast: “H&W ride experience was excellent. I would recommend it to my friends.”

57 Christopher Murphy (10) from Ballyahinch, Co Down: “I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and now I’m going to tell my friends.”

58 Rachel Murphy (13) from Ballyahinch: “My favourite part was being able to see how the first-class cabins would have looked.”

59 John McGrillen (50) from Ballynahinch: “Fantastic to see the final product after following the project in the media since its inception.”

60 Donna Irwin from Limavady: “Modern class divisions same as Titanic, upper class see staircase, normal people don’t. Other than no staircase it was fantastic, especially interactive features.”

61 Mark Irwin (8) from Limavady: “I knew a lot already from learning in school, but the H&W tour experience was the best.”

62 Lee Hamilton (8) from Limavady: “The 3D floor was amazing.”

63 Sophie Hughes (14) from Templepatrick: “It was great to get a view of the ship from the workers’ eyes. Some exhibits, especially the Mummy figure, weren’t explained very well.”

64 Tom Place from Donaghadee: “Very impressive, brings the Titanic to life again. It was good to see industrial pre-construction.”

65 Thom Donnelly (9) from Bangor: “The video footage of Titanic was great.”

66 Lorraine McCutcheon from east Belfast: “Amazing and awe-inspiring. The Titanic has come home in spirit.”

67 Nuala from east Belfast: “I would really have preferred to have seen the staircase.”

68 Stuart Cairns from Belfast: “The interactive features were great and there was plenty for all the visitors to use.”

69 Alia Cairns (7) from Belfast: “3D floor was really cool.”

70 Tanya Cairns from Belfast: “it was really good, we really enjoyed it. The exhibition was brilliant.”

71 Tara Thompson (23) from Belfast: “A great interactive stimulus.”

72 Charlotte Gregory (23) from Belfast: “3D floor and H&W ride were excellent.”

80 Sandra Tate from Ballynahinch: “A lot of effort’s clearly gone into the recreation. Much better than the TV documentaries.”

74 Rebecca Gregory (23) from Belfast: “Morse Code wall was effective and emotional. It was like being on holiday, this is something completely new for Belfast.”

75 Joanne Hamp (33) from Maghera: “Interesting and informative. The staff were excellent and plenty of space for all the visitors.”

76 Geoff Hamp (32) from Bournemouth: “Excellent.”

77 Danielle Chambers (16) from Belfast: “Really good to see the 3D figures in the cabin reconstructions.”

78 Rebecca Thompson (16) from Belfast: “I watched all the TV shows to prepare and the exhibition added lots to what I already learned.”

79 Paddy Mooney from Ardglass: “It was really excellent especially the H&W shipyard ride.”

80 Alice Adams (23) from Belfast: “3D see-through glass was fantastic.”

81 Colin Tate from Ballynahinch: “Interesting that the focus was more on the building and Belfast’s contribution than the sinking, like most TV shows and exhibits are.”

82Hang Wu from China: “Very interesting, especially the movie showing Titanic under the sea today.”

83 Dan Feng from China: “Would definitely come back”

84 Alan Clark from Belfast: “View through the different levels of the ship was excellent.”

85 Dixie Martin from Indiana, USA: “3D features were excellent, would definitely return.”

86 Margaret Schnabel (12) from Indiana, USA: “Disappointed to miss H&W ride because of queues but 3D floor view was great.”

87Natalie Brittle from Ballyclare: “Great to see pictures of shipyards.”

88 Alistair Wilson from Ballyclare: “Would come again

but maybe leave the baby at home as there aren’t many seats or baby facilities.”

89 Rosemary McClenaghan from Ballygowan: “We came as part of a Christmas present for the kids (aged 6 and 8) and loved it. Up there with the Disney resorts.”

90 Gary Trew from Belfast: “Very emotional as my father was a riveter on the Titanic and Olympic. A magnificent exhibition.”

91 Dawn Nelson from Templepatrick: “Very well put together, especially the video footage of the wreck. You think you know it all, but you learn so much more.”

92 David Walker from Canada: “I haven’t been on the tour but I have been at a tea function to see the staircase. The building looks like the hull of a ship and icebergs, fantastic.”

93 Susan Bennett from Greenisland: “It felt like we were in another city... wow this is Belfast!”

94 Bridget Black (53) from Belfast: “Finally something to have pride in Belfast for. Very realistic and it’s good to look at personal stories of passengers.”

95 Mary Cummings (80) from Belfast: “Not enough seats through exhibition to have a rest. Staff were great.”

96 Jim McIlvene from Newtownabbey: “It’s a new centrepiece for Belfast. Great shipyard tour and look at early linen trade in Belfast.”

97 Pearse Timony from Belfast, originally Fermanagh: “So much to see you’d need to come back four or five times. Good value for money and more alive than your average museum.”

98 Jade (10) and Mia Heaney (8) from Castledawson: “It was really dangerous for the workers.

Some parts were fun, some parts were sad, but it was all really interesting.”

99 David Alan from Crawfordsburn: “Brilliant, well worth a visit and I’ll definitely come back.”

100 Matthew Rice (14) from Belfast: “H&W ride experience was excellent but it could have been faster.”

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