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The real star of new Titanic TV series... a stunning recreation of Belfast’s grand liner

By Amanda Poole

With its familiar bow emerging from the gloom, this image of Titanic looks like it was captured in the Belfast of yesteryear.

This isn’t the ill-fated ship being loaded up at a dockside in its birth place in 1912 — but a meticulous modern recreation for Julian Fellowes’ drama.

As the photographs of the new four-part television series Titanic reveal, painstaking care and attention has been paid to get the minute details just right.

This new interpretation, which premieres on ITV1 this Sunday at 9pm, will mark the 100th anniversary of the liner’s doomed maiden voyage and feed into the fascination with the Belfast-built ship.

Over the course of the multi-million pound series, expected to be a fitting tribute to this moment in history, viewers will be taken on the heart-wrenching journey of the ill-fated ship.

The tragic tale of the Titanic will be interwoven with mystery and romance, and features fictional and historical characters all decked out in period costume and portraying the gamut of emotions experienced by those on board.

The pictures from the new series demonstrates the level of detail that went into creating the most important character of the drama — Titanic. The ship is seen being loaded in Belfast before sailing for Southampton, then steaming away on her fateful voyage. Later we see panicking passengers rushing around on deck in lifejackets as the enormity of the disaster finally becomes apparent.

Production designer Rob Harris used plans from Harland and Wolff among other sources to help with the design.

The series, filmed in Hungary after Belfast was rejected as too expensive, promises to deliver a fresh twist and explores characters ranging from steerage passengers to upper class guests.

Each point of view of the characters will culminate in a cliffhanger as the ship begins to founder, building to an explosive conclusion which draws the strands of each of the stories together.

Of the millions of people across the UK and Ireland expected to watch Titanic, the McCutcheon family from Newtownards, Co Down, will be taking a particular interest in the show.

Strathearn Grammar pupil Georgia McCutcheon (12) is the only actor from Northern Ireland to land a role in the new mini-series. Georgia plays the part of third-class passenger Mary Maloney’s daughter Theresa.

Her parents, William and Robina McCutcheon, said they are proud of their little girl and can’t wait to watch the first episode.

And Georgia said she is very excited the series is finally being shown. “I’m going to watch it with my family and some other people,” she said.

“Everbody seems to know it is on. Loads of people have been coming up to me and saying about being in Titanic. I’m very excited about it.”

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