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Titanic in collision with iceberg - No loss of life ... Over 2,000 souls on board

First report of Titanic sinking published in The Belfast Telegraph Monday April 15 1912

Disastrous maiden voyage .... Passengers transferred to lifeboats .... Liners hastening to the rescue ... Wireless messages come to abrupt termination... Iceberg 70 miles in length

The new White Star liner Titanic, which was built in Belfast and was delivered to her owners less than a fortnight ago, has been in collision wifh an iceberg, of the coast of Newfoundland, and latest accounts report that she is sinking.

The disaster is reported to have occurred about 10.30 on Sunday night, and wireless messages were flashed out for assistance.

These were first picked up by the Virginian, of the Allan Line, about 200 miles distant, and she at once responded to the call for aid.

The operator of the Virginian kept up constant communication, but suddenly the messages ceased.

Meanwhile the sister ship of the Titanic, the Olympic, and also the White Star liner Baltic took up the messages tor help, and at once proceeded with all speed to the rescue.

Great excitement prevailed in Belfast, from which city many of the working crew on board hailed, and at the various shipping offices there were many anxious inquiries.

This afternoon New York received a wireless message from Halifax to the effect that most of the passengers on the Titanic had been put in lifeboats. A later message added that the White Star officials in New York had been informed that the Virginian was standing by, and that there was no danger of loss of life.

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