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Titanic: The callous survivors

Bertha Watt (later Marshall) was a 12-year-old second class passenger on the Titanic.

She wrote about her experiences in 1963 and said that the lessons she learned there provided her with a sound philosophy for her life. She learned how to behave and how not to behave, and recalled the hypocrisy of some passengers, the selfishness of others: “There was the minister who hid under the seat in our boat, walking stick and small case included. When we were well on our way he appeared and sat bemoaning the fact that he had lost so many years of sermons on the Titanic.

“Another woman was worrying about her jewels when all of a sudden another woman yelled ‘Give me back my husband and son and I’ll buy you jewels.’ Those few days before NY were a life all their own. Tragedy affects people in so many different ways.”

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