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Titanic: The man who rowed back to save lives

At the American inquiry, survivors gave vivid accounts of the terrible night and the life and death decisions that were made.

Fifth Officer Harold Lowe, who managed to lash five boats together and with one or two others stood off from the sinking ship until he felt it was safe to row back for survivors. He said: "I did not return immediately. I had to wait until the yells and shrieks had subsided because it would have been suicide to go back there until the people had thinned out.

“It would not have been wise or safe for me to have gone there before, because the whole lot of us would have been swamped and then nobody would have been saved. What are you going to do with a boat of 65 when 1,600 people are drowning?"

He transferred his 53 passengers, then with his empty boat returned bravely to the wreckage. He picked up four alive, but one died, a Mr Hoyt of New York. Then the Carpathia arrived and provided a kind of salvation.

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