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Titanic: What price a job on the mighty ship?

The pay roll of the world's most luxurious and expensively kitted out liner was revealing.

While Captain Smith earnt double his opposite number on the Carpathia, Captain Rostron, the disparity between top brass and the stewards and stewardesses on the Titanic is striking, with the captain making around 35 times as much as his most junior colleagues.

The monthly pay was as follows: Captain E Smith, £105 per month (Captain Rostron on the Carpathia, £53 a month); Seaman Ed Buley, £5 a month; Lookout GA Hogg, £5 5s a month; radio operator Harold Bride, £48 a month; Steward Sidney Daniels, £3 15s a month; Stewardess Annie Robinson, £3 10s a month.

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