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Titanic: Widow who was unlucky in love

Wife and widow, one of the Titanic honeymooners, 18-year-old first class passenger, Eloise Hughes Smith, was brought up opposite the White House and married moneyed Lucian Philip Smith, heir to a mining fortune.

Returning from Europe, the couple were woken briefly by the collision and completely when the boat stopped.

Lucian told his young wife she had to obey him and board a lifeboat, reassuring her it was only a matter of form and that everybody left on the ship would survive. His last words reminded her to keep her hands in her pockets as it was cold.

On the Carpathia, Eloise met 27-yearold banker Robert Williams Daniel, whom she married in 1914. They divorced, and Eloise, who had a honeymoon baby, her son Lucian Jr, married twice more before dying, aged 46.

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