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Watch: 24 hours in the RUC in 1976, minus the Troubles - archive footage

Ever wondered what it was like to spend 24 hours in the RUC?

Northern Ireland Screen have given the Belfast Telegraph permission to have a look inside their Digital Film Archive.

This 1976 recruitment film shows viewers a day in the life of the Royal Ulster Constabulary from start to finish.

Despite the historical context of this recruitment film there are few hints of  the Troubles.

The video gives us an insight to the trainees as they learn to testify in court and read pub landlords their rights in role-playing exercises.

Originally intended for schools, universities and general audiences, the film portrays ‘normal’ rather than the ‘militarised’ policing emerging in Northern Ireland.

It was released the same year that Merlyn Rees announced in the House of Commons a review of security policy recommending the RUC take over responsibilities for security from the British Army.

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