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50 things you only know if you live in Northern Ireland...


Northern Ireland is a place apart

Northern Ireland is a place apart

Northern Ireland is a place apart

Northern Ireland is a place of quirks and colloquialisms, here are 50 things you'll only know if you live in "Norn Iron".

  1. Every front room has "the big light" which people often ask to be turned on when it starts to get dark.
  2. An Ulster fry is the best breakfast, lunch and maybe even dinner in the world (beans optional depending on taste).
  3. You go for a "poke" while at the seaside and know what it really means.
  4. There are at least 100 words which mean getting drunk (bladdered, plastered, full, stocious, blutered, half-cut, steamin’, wasted, hammered, blocked etc).
  5. Everyone knows someone who says "bye, bye, bye, bye, bye" at the end of a phone call.

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  6. The phrase "scary biscuits" covers all manner of mishaps.
  7. "Whadaboutye" is a traditional greeting.
  8. You know which "part" of town you’re in and whether you should be there or not.
  9. That the country is obsessed with "flegs" or various colours.
  10. That soda bread and potato bread are much nicer than croissants.
  11. The term "mucker" doesn’t mean someone is filthy.
  12. A funeral wake is a great excuse for a party.
  13. Being told to take your coat off when you go into the house for "you’ll not feel the good of it when you go outside".
  14. You remember being a little excited during a bomb scare as you might get home from work early... and having to get out of town before the yellow barriers closed.
  15. Never understand why you pay more for car insurance than the rest of the UK.
  16. Having an argument in England over why they won’t accept a Northern Ireland tenner.
  17. You can fondly recall the delights of the annual summer trip to Barry's Amusements in Portrush and the dismay when you get there, it’s raining outside and it’s packed.
  18. That a wee cup of tea is a cure for all ills and there’s always someone who asks for "half a cup".
  19. We still call parents "mummy" and "daddy" when we’re adults.
  20. Traybakes are a traditional delicacy.
  21. We actually eat seaweed and give it a French sounding name (dulce) to try to make it taste better.
  22. We all know someone who starts every conversation with "wait til I tell ye"... because whet they heard is "the gospel truth".
  23. And know someone who ends that conversation with "so it is’" just to make sure you got the message.
  24. Everyone knows someone who’s just heard about someone who just died.
  25. Buckfast is the Northern Ireland equivalent of champagne.
  26. Remember being forced to sit in the back seat of the car as kids for hours while our parents ‘take the scenic route home’.
  27. Still being unable to find our way around Ballymena because of all the roundabouts
  28. Thinking we have the psychic ability to predict someone’s religion by the way they pronounce the letter ‘H’ or by how far apart their eyes are.
  29. Start by saying "God forgive me but..." when you’re about to slag someone off.
  30. Knowing someone who says "it’s the way I tell them" after every joke they tell.
  31. That "kicking with your left" foot doesn’t necessarily mean you’re left footed.
  32. Know someone whose favourite film is ‘The Quiet Man’.
  33. Spend eleven and a half months of the year complaining about the rain and cold and the rest complaining that it’s ‘wild hot’.
  34. When it’s cold you tell people it’s "baltic" when the temperature in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is actually not too different to here.
  35. You know there are two different types of Tayto crisps and that the "northern" versions are better that the "southern".
  36. If you drive for a mile and don’t see a church you’re in a different country.
  37. You walk down the street saying ‘hello’ to people you’ve never met before with a slight nod of your head.
  38. You’ve met an American who says they have relatives in Ireland and ask you “do you know the (insert surname) family...?”
  39. You know someone who still takes soda bread, bacon and sausages on a holiday to Spain as they ‘don’t sell the same stuff over there’.
  40. You go "down the town" even though it might be up the hill.
  41. You send the kids for a pastie supper as you can’t be bothered to cook on a Friday night.
  42. You call the Republic of Ireland "the Free State" and don’t understand why as everything costs more.
  43. You have a granny who has a taste for "fruit loaf", "barnbrack" or "veda bread".
  44. Get frustrated when you spot a great offer then read the small print which tells you "offer doesn’t apply in Northern Ireland."
  45. The "good towels" are only put out when visitors are coming.
  46. There’s a big shopping centre in Ballymena "hey".
  47. Anyone who speaks with a posh accent must come from The Malone Road or Cherry Valley.
  48. When we meet someone new the first question is "what school did you go to?"
  49. Driving in the country you wave at other people just in case you might know them or they might know you.
  50. You’re fluent in the local ligo and understand the meaning of "dead on" and "bout ye", that a "buck eejit" isn’t a particularly smart person, you "boke" when you’re not feeling well and are "parful well" when you’re better, you’re "boggin" when you’re covered in muck, possibly from falling in a "shuck" and boys a dear that enough for a wee while... so away and wind yer neck in and catch yerself on. Bye bye bye bye bye.

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