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Alison Goldfrapp gets odd fans

Alison Goldfrapp has revealed how she has been the target of obsessive fans.

The Supernature singer-songwriter told the Daily Star: "Most of our fans are really lovely intelligent people - but there's always been weird men right at the front of our shows, staring at me.

"I just think people are attracted to things for all kinds of reasons."

Alison went on to say that Goldfrapp's new single, Rocket, is an empowerment track for women.

"[Rocket] is definitely a cathartic anthem for girls. The idea is putting somebody on a missile and them never coming back," she said.

She revealed the song was influenced by someone, but denied to name names.

"It's certainly inspired by somebody maybe. I don't know whether they've heard it. I don't really care," Alison added.


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