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Arterton: Not hot enough for Bond

Gemma Arterton doesn't think she was hot enough to be a Bond girl.

The Quantum Of Solace star told GQ magazine she thought she was rather "average".

She said: "In comparison to many actresses I think I'm really average - when I got the Bond film there was this big hoo-ha about me not being hot enough, I have to say I agree - I don't think I'm in that realm."

But the 24-year-old star of upcoming summer blockbusters Prince Of Persia and Clash Of The Titans added that she thought she had an advantage over prettier actresses.

Gemma explained: "I think in a way it might have helped me along - there are some really beautiful actresses like (Bond co-star) Olga Kurylenko who find it difficult."

"It's frustrating for her but she's so beautiful that it's like someone having a massive nose: you are going to take that into consideration when you're casting her. Whereas I can change my look: I can look plain or I can be all dolled up."

The down-to-earth British beauty revealed she found it frustrating the way Hollywood bosses wanted to transform her for Prince Of Persia.

She revealed: "They sent me to a personal trainer, wanted to get my teeth done, hair extensions, make me look like somebody else. And that's fine I had the tan, I had the hair, I went to the gym. I became the thing they wanted me to be for the part.

"(But) I don't agree with what they think is beautiful because it's not me. Unless you're really famous and successful then they're going to bully you into going to the gym. It's a side of the industry that I find uncomfortable."


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