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Charisma Carpenter's work balance

Charisma Carpenter has revealed how she works hard to balance her working life and time with her son, so she doesn't become a "frustrated mother".

The 39-year-old actress and single mother to seven-year-old son Donovan - famous for playing Cordelia in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel - spent six weeks filming new horror movie Psychosis on location in Britain, but she insists it was "rewarding".

Charisma said: "It snowed, it was cold, I was away from my son but it was so rewarding and I felt that as a mother it was really important to be happy in my work and get adult time and do something for myself.

"And then have a great deal of time when I got off to spend with my son and it would be quality, quality and it would be great and I wouldn't be a frustrated mother because I would be content and happy with my life as a whole. Balance is an important thing to me and I think it's a challenge to manage so whenever I get a little taste of both, it's just heaven."

The actress stars alongside Justin Hawkins, formerly of rock band The Darkness and model Paul Sculfor in the horror movie co-written and directed by Reg Traviss, Amy Winehouse's new boyfriend.

Charisma insisted she was at ease with the all-male cast.

She said: "You know what it was very familiar. Angel was a very male driven show as well, so I was right at home."

:: Psychosis is released on DVD on July 19


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