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Emma Bunton shows glee over Glee

Emma Bunton says she's a big fan of Glee
Emma Bunton says she's a big fan of Glee

Emma Bunton has revealed she loves Glee.

The Spice Girl, who will be hosting Don't Stop Believing - Five's new competition to find the UK's best glee club - admitted she often watches the award-winning show with son Beau.

"(I'm) a huge fan and Beau's a big fan of Glee as well, but we're fans of all those kind of shows out there - The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent," she said.

"It just shows we're enjoying that side of musical and dance and we all love to get our hairbrushes out, have a sing-along to the newest track. When I was at theatre school I kind of loved the whole singing and the dancing side, and I did bits of acting."

She added: "Beau, my little boy, is kind of obsessed with Justin Bieber and Beyonce at the moment and we kind of do their songs in our own way."

Emma, who attended theatre school as a child, advises it's not easy to become a star.

"It's very hard work - sometimes it's scary along the way - but it's the best thing just being on stage and performing to an audience and just having fun with it," she said.

Groups are invited to apply to the show by signing up to

"It's going to be modern songs and old songs but they're going to be able to perform them the way they want to perform them," Emma said.



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