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Gaz and Danny still with Supergrass

Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey have insisted they haven't forgotten about their day job with Supergrass, despite making another album for their new side project.

The pair have recorded an album of covers called Turn Ons, under the name of HotRats, but they are still finishing off a Supergrass record with bandmates Mick Quinn and Rob Coombes.

"We've nearly finished the next Supergrass album, so that will be out later this year," Gaz asserted, referring to Release The Drones, which is pencilled in for May.

He laughed: "Mick finds all this amusing, more than anything. Well, he wasn't crying last time I saw him, at least."

Gaz also revealed that recording Turn Ons was a good hangover cure.

He said: "The songs were great hangover cures - what'd happen is we'd go to the studio for about 11am, have a classic smiley face breakfast, lie on the floor feeling awful from the night before, then come up with a song idea. Everyone would jump up and feel much better."

Elaborating on their classic breakfast, he laughed: "Yeah, you know, eggs as eyes, tomato as a nose, sausage for a mouth, that kind of thing. I had a beard of beans once."

:: The HotRats album Turn Ons is released on January 25.

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