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Jason Isaacs: Matt Damon told me to hit him

Jason Isaacs said Matt Damon allowed him to be tough
Jason Isaacs said Matt Damon allowed him to be tough

Jason Isaacs has revealed Matt Damon told him to "go for it" in their fight scenes.

The British actor stars opposite Matt in Paul Greengrass' new thriller Green Zone, about a US soldier who goes rogue while on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Jason revealed: "On my first day - I'd just met him, I wasn't quite sure how it was going to be with him but he just said, 'Go for it, do what you've got to do and let's make it look good' so I had a lot more respect for him at the end of the day than I had even when I started."

The Harry Potter star had worked with British director Paul Greengrass years earlier on a TV drama, and told how he demanded a lot more action from him now, but that Matt took the brunt of it.

Asked if Greengrass put him through a lot, he said: "No, no, I put Matt through a lot. I had to run essentially, for a year, it's a modern chase movie in some ways.

"But also I had to beat Matt up and shove his face in the dirt and kick him in the nuts and stuff so I think Matt got the worst of it."

Matt plays a soldier fighting to expose the Bush administration's WMD deception. His character, Roy Miller, is based on real-life army chief warrant officer, Richard (Monty) Gonzales, whose team was charged with finding the WMDs during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.



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