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Linda Hamilton talks Terminator

Linda Hamilton has hinted that she wouldn't mind making a cameo in a new Terminator movie.

The actress - who played Sarah Connor in the first two films - said appearing in a future Terminator flick or even playing a killer cyborg herself would be fun.

"Wouldn't that be great?" she smiled. "Yes, but I think that would require a certain kind of level of fitness. They wouldn't make a Terminator model of Sarah Connor at the age of 53, now would they?" she laughed.

"If they could find some way to bring my youth and strength back, not that I'm that far off track, but to be compared to one's self 25 years earlier, you take a risk."

Linda's latest film is Holy Water, the tale of four mates in a remote Irish town who decide to hijack a shipment of Viagra and sell it in Amsterdam.

It is released at selected UK cinemas on Friday, February 5.


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