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Matt dubbed 'Doctor Who' at uni

Matt Smith was dubbed 'Doctor Who' at university
Matt Smith was dubbed 'Doctor Who' at university

Matt Smith, the new Time Lord, was dubbed "Doctor Who" at university because of his eccentric dress sense, the star has revealed.

Some of the actor's family also believed he was destined for the role - his mother sent him a text to say he would make an excellent Time Lord before he even knew that David Tennant was quitting.

The actor, who was forced to give up on his dream of becoming a footballer because of back problems, told Esquire magazine: "At university I had a big coloured scarf, and people would often say 'All right, Doctor Who?' And I thought, I rather liked the notion."

Asked if the writing was already on the wall, he said: "I don't know, it's funny that."

Smith is not the first Doctor Who star to have been connected with the show while still in their youth.

Tennant, Smith's predecessor and the star who has been voted the best ever Doctor Who, decided to be an actor at the age of three because he was such a fan of the programme. He even wrote an essay on how his greatest desire was to play Doctor Who on TV.

Smith, who at 27 is the youngest ever actor to assume the part, launches his first Doctor Who series on BBC One at Easter.

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