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Mel Gibson glad to be back acting

Mel Gibson says he enjoyed being back in front of the camera after a seven-year absence from acting.

"It was fun to get back in the saddle," the actor admitted at the Hollywood premiere of his new movie Edge Of Darkness.

"I like directing better, but acting has its good points," the actor explained, adding: "You can get some good things out of it."

Last time we saw Mel he was grappling with alien invaders in sci-fi thriller Signs, after which he decided to work behind the scenes directing the controversial 2004 box-office hit The Passion Of The Christ and the violent 2006 action epic Apocalypto.

One thing Mel realised he hadn't missed during his break from acting was filming fight sequences.

"When you have a fight scene with a 25-year-old guy you don't miss the next day, experience teaches you to book the chiropractor in advance!"

The actor joked he hadn't took a method approach to playing a dark character in the film.

"I've never actually killed anyone, but I know what it feels like to want to kill someone!" the star laughed.


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