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Mick Jagger: Oasis don't connect

Mick Jagger has criticised Oasis for not always connecting with their audience at gigs.

The Rolling Stones legend - famous for his enthusiastic dancing when on stage - told the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio he felt Oasis were known for not moving on stage, but they needed to connect with the crowd in other ways.

Jagger said: "Well that's what they do, they don't move - that doesn't mean to say they don't connect - they do connect sometimes, sometimes they're not always good ways."

He went on: "What was that famous story when they were in New York and they didn't think the New York audience was loud enough, and they said something like 'You're rubbish' or something, 'New York, you're a load of c**p' or something like that - which is not what you do anywhere really, especially in New York."

The 66-year-old singer was full of praise for the Kings Of Leon, who he said he felt had learned to connect well with their audience when on stage.

Jagger said: "The Kings Of Leon at the beginning, they didn't really do that successfully, but everyone has to do it in the end because otherwise it becomes kind of embarrassing, being in a room when you're not really connecting.

"But now they play arenas and they're really good and they're much more forthcoming. They still have their shy moments, but they seem to have cut down."


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