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Nicholas Hoult divulges pet name

Nicholas Hoult has revealed his nickname - Lollipop.

Fashion-designer-turned-director Tom Ford gave him the moniker on the set of A Single Man.

The 20-year-old actor, who appears opposite Colin Firth in the Oscar-nominated film, said he has not lived down being Hugh Grant's "little puppy dog" in About A Boy.

Nicholas told The Daily Mail: "When I tried to tell my friends that on set for A Single Man my director, Tom Ford, nicknamed me 'Lollipop' and 'Colin Jellybean', they walked away from me, and told me I was terribly uncool."

He added: "My friends have never let me live down those embarrassing bushy eyebrows, and the fact that I was Grant's little puppy dog in the film. But, in their eyes, it just gets worse.

"I went on from that irreversibly geeky performance to the series Skins, which is essentially a bad way to educate anyone on how to conduct teenage relationships.

"And, now, I'm back playing someone who has an underlying affection for Colin Firth's gay character.

"It's OK when girls scream your name in public, but when your own male mates don't have time for you, well, what's the point? Except, I think I'm doing quite well so far in Hollywood, I've not yet visited rehab."


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