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Nichola's StreetDance challenge

Nichola Burley has revealed how learning to dance for StreetDance 3D was a challenge.

Although the Leeds-born actress trained at the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance, the focus in the film was mainly on ballet, contemporary and jazz.

"I had six weeks to learn street dancing - it was very nerve-wracking being the supposed choreographer in the film and it felt like a long time to get over that self-conscious feeling of 'I can't do it' but I did, so I'm extremely pleased," she said.

She added: "I've danced since I was very young. I soon realised it's all about how you hold yourself. Movements in contemporary dance are very fluid and continuous, whereas street dance is quite rigid so you have to retrain your body."

:: StreetDance 3D is in cinemas now.


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