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Paul McCartney's son hits the road

Sir Paul McCartney's son James is keeping the family trade alive by going on his first ever tour - with songs partly inspired by The Beatles.

The 32-year-old multi-instrumentalist played a handful of concerts in October last year under the pseudonym Light in a bid to distance himself from his world-renowned father.

McCartney - the son of Sir Paul and his first wife, photographer Linda McCartney - is playing a string of gigs to showcase what are billed as "melody-driven, hook-laden anthems that show songwriting clearly runs in the family", and said: "The music was inspired by The Beatles, Nirvana, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Radiohead - and all good music."

McCartney, who wrote his songs over the last 10 years, went on: "It is basically rock 'n' roll, clean sounding and vocal."

"The words on the album refer to spirituality, love, family, trying to sort out one's life, and many other things," he added. With his move into the public eye, McCartney not only follows his father, but his sisters too. Stella McCartney is the lauded fashion designer and Mary is a high-profile photographer.

McCartney's tour kicks off in The Beatles' birthplace of Liverpool on February 25 and ends in Cardiff on March 20.


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