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Peter Andre cried on Kay's shoulder

Peter Andre sobbed on Kay Burley's shoulder moments after breaking down during his live TV interview with her, the news presenter has revealed.

Peter fought back tears during the Sky News segment on Wednesday as he stormed: "No one is going to take my kids away from me."

Writing on her blog, Kay wrote: "Peter Andre broke down on my show and when I went to check during an ad break that he was OK, he sobbed on my shoulder in the Green Room."

She went on: "He'd discovered not 12 hours earlier that the mother of two of his children had married without even bothering to tell him and was devastated at the very thought that she might want take the youngsters away from him.

"I was mortified at having upset such an obviously doting family man and was keen to offer sincere apologies but he was his usual charming self.

"As we stood and chatted about parenthood he said he was relieved he'd finally vented some of the pent up tension he'd been feeling and I sympathised but warned him not to ever cry in front of the children."

Kay said calm was restored and "Peter left the building wiser about news interviews and me very much with 'Team Pete'."

Meanwhile, broadcasting watchdog Ofcom confirmed it had received complaints about the interview, which Peter gave hours after discovering his ex-wife Katie Price had married Alex Reid in Las Vegas.

An Ofcom spokesman said the regulator would look at the complaints before deciding whether or not to launch an investigation.


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