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Peter Gabriel on David Bowie snub

David Bowie didn't want to do a cover of one of Peter Gabriel's songs
David Bowie didn't want to do a cover of one of Peter Gabriel's songs

Peter Gabriel has spoken about how David Bowie refused to take part in a song swap with him.

The former Genesis musician has just released a covers album called Scratch My Back, and the artists he's covered will return the favour by recording one of Gabriel's songs.

But Gabriel revealed: "Sadly, David Bowie is the only artist that said he clearly didn't want to play with the song swap - I don't think he's doing much music at the moment."

But Gabriel still wanted to cover Bowie's hit Heroes so he got around it by asking Brian Eno, who co-wrote the song, to take part.

"Brian Eno was a co-writer on that so it gets around that problem," Gabriel said. "He's going to do a version of this song, Don't Break This Rhythm. But Heroes is one of those classic songs ... it's one of my favourite Bowie songs and I was a Bowie fan right from the beginning."

Gabriel added he was pleased Radiohead took part in the song swap.

He said: "I love Radiohead, from the onset, pretty much.

"The Bends was done up the road from us in the West Country. And so I had a conversation with Thom Yorke who said he was interested in doing [the] Wallflower song, so I was really excited to hear that.

"Besides writing great songs with wonderful sounds, they are always unafraid to push themselves as arrangers and musicians and writers and I love that about them.



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