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Pixie Lott's tattoo tribute to fans

Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott wants to get a tattoo dedicated to her fans.

The 19-year-old singer revealed to the Daily Star she is thinking about getting a tattoo done and has been inspired by Lady GaGa, who this week had 'Little Monsters' - the nickname she has for her fans - tattooed on her wrist.

Pixie said: "I was thinking of getting a tattoo but I don't want to get it where you can see it - I could get a tattoo for my fans like Lady GaGa did."

She added: "I don't have a specific name for my fans like she does but when I go on Twitter I always say: 'Hey crazy cats.'

"I was thinking of testing it out and getting a tattoo on the bottom of my foot so no-one could see it, but then it would be a bit pointless."

Pixie also revealed she is dying to headline her own tour.

She said: "I'm hoping I will go on tour soon as I want to do as many shows as possible but I don't know how many we can fit in the schedule."



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