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Richard Chamberlain returns to LA

Richard Chamberlain has moved back to LA
Richard Chamberlain has moved back to LA

Richard Chamberlain says he has no regrets about leaving behind his Hawaii "dream house" and moving back to Los Angeles.

After spending four years building an oceanfront home on Maui, the veteran actor said he realised "nothing's happening here" and headed back to the entertainment industry's LA base.

A new management firm "suddenly came up with all these possible jobs," the 76-year-old said.

Richard's long-term partner, actor-producer Martin Rabbett, has stayed in Hawaii for now but may move to San Francisco, which will mean "a relationship by commute," Richard said.

The actor has landed a role in the TNT series Leverage, playing a dashing thief named Archie Leech, who critics say is similar to Cary Grant and his role in Alfred Hitchcock's classic To Catch A Thief.

"I wouldn't dream of trying to do a Cary Grant takeoff, but he [Archie] is very well-dressed, in any case, and kind of sophisticated. He's fun," Richard said.

He was scheduled to begin filming the episode Monday in Portland and said there's a chance for future appearances on the drama that stars Timothy Hutton.

"Unless I muck it up," Richard added, lightly.

Besides the Leverage episode, which will air when the show returns this summer, the Dr Kildare and Shogun star has been cast in an independent film in which he plays a priest.

"A less naughty priest" than he played in The Thorn Birds, Richard said with a laugh, referring to the hit 1983 miniseries in which a young woman (Rachel Ward) falls in love with her family's priest.



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